Lessons from Vanimal closing

Vanimal have been featured  on this website twice before for their contemptuous treatment of vegetarians. Vanimal going out of business is no surprise. There are super-basic lessons and reminders from that for restaurateurs of vegetarian eateries.

Vanimal 2016-06-01 (1)

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Best Restaurant of the Month award – Lock Cha Tea House

[Edit June 2017- Lock Cha is no longer all vegan. Customers on non-dairy diets should always ask.]

Succeeding i Vegetarian as Best Restaurant of the month is Lock Cha Tea House. This is why.

Monthly award best 2017-02 Lock Cha

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Guesting today on RTHK Radio 3 discussing Vegetarianism

Today’s Backchat show on RTHK Radio 3 had Vegetarianism as the primary discussion topic. A delegated media request from the Hong Kong Vegan Association was received and fulfilled. A podcast of the show is now available here. With numerous other people on the show and limited time frame it’s unrealistic to expect the chance to personally reply to most points made in the broadcast. Thus here’s a further very short response to three of the points raised in the show.


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