Worst Restaurant of the Month – Saravana (Chungking)

A supposedly vegetarian restaurant that offers a full meat menu. Saravana in Chungking Mansions succeeds Bookworm Cafe as the Worst Restaurant of the Month.


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Amritsar Express – vegan delicacies or health hazard?

Amritsar Express in Tsim Sha Tsui have a clearly sign boarded tagline of, “Punjabi Vegan Delicacies”. In the past that tagline has been misleading causing potentially hazardous consequences for those on non-dairy diets. We are in the process of trying to find out if things are fully remedied and management there are now true to those advertised words. Here’s why and how.

Amritsar Express sign 1
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Wild Thyme no longer 100% vego

Disappointing news from TST. Wild Thyme has undergone a management change. Under previous management Wild Thyme offered a 100% vegetarian Middle Eastern food menu (much of it also vegan). Almost all alcohol retailing restaurants in HK sell booze processed with the likes of beef / pork gelatin, fish extract or crustacean shell. Wild Thyme offered an extensive list of exclusively vegetarian alcoholic beverages (again much of it vegan friendly).

Wild thyme logo updated

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