Ohm’s reply to our article – unclear if they claim to be all-vegan again

***[Update] Ohm have been asked again after the article below about their commitment to an all-vegan stock policy. Rather than give a straight answer, they again try to play on words to avoid answering the question.***

Ohm have replied criticising our latest article about them. It seems there has been a customer reaction to our article to spurn them into some kind of damage limitation. If we consider Ohm’s reply and the wider picture it looks like they are happy to accept positive publicity but want to control publicity they don’t like.

Ohm sign with pen mark

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Ohm – new all vegan cafe at Hollywood Road

Update: See the guide to Hong Kong’s all-vegan restaurants and takeaways for change to the status of this cafe.

At the bottom of Pound Lane near the corner of Possession Street… Hollywood Road now has its first all vegan cafe. The vegan owner has a background working in fair trade. Ohm has been opened with the electrifying ambitions of being all three of vegan, organic and fair trade.

2016-08-07 20.30.52

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