Worst Restaurant of the Month – Veggie Express

Veggie Express succeeds Saravana in Chungking Mansions as Worst Restaurant of Month. This is Veggie Express’s story of disrespect and contempt for their customers.


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Veggie Express support veal and deceive customers

Veggie Express opened last month in North Point. They continue to knowingly sell non-vegetarian products. This is despite deceiving customers with, “All ingredients are vegetarian” repeatedly stated on their menu. This is the Veggie Express tale of deception.


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Worst Restaurant of the Month award – Inno Veggie

Following the Best Restaurant of the Month award to Pure Veggie House. This is the inaugural Worst Restaurant of the Month award. It is regrettable having to write articles as critical as this one. Some restaurants though refuse to amend their ways when given serious concerns to address. Thus there is little choice than to highlight these concerns until the restaurants in question improve their standards. The Worst Restaurant of the Month award will be for restaurants that treat the vegetarianism of their customers with contempt rather than respect. Here’s an explanation of the inaugural ‘winner’.


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