Obtaining B12 from non-animal sources

B12 came up during the guest appearance on RTHK Radio 3 last week. The response I gave on radio 3 was that as per on the B12 page of the Vegan Society website; namely that for reliable adequate intake of B12 vegans should consume either a supplement or fortified food that contains B12. Someone in social media coincidentally posted an interesting different opinion just after that. This is the follow up.


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Guesting today on RTHK Radio 3 discussing Vegetarianism

Today’s Backchat show on RTHK Radio 3 had Vegetarianism as the primary discussion topic. A delegated media request from the Hong Kong Vegan Association was received and fulfilled. A podcast of the show is now available here. With numerous other people on the show and limited time frame it’s unrealistic to expect the chance to personally reply to most points made in the broadcast. Thus here’s a further very short response to three of the points raised in the show.


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Top 10 Asian vegan cities – Peta endorse slaughter and animal abusive sport

Peta Asia have published their top 10 Asian vegan friendly cities. It’s abundant in nonsense, has very non-vegan endorsements and has absurd omissions. Here’s the low down and a much better list.


(Tokyo has the most all vegan restaurants in Asia. Peta don’t even mention it in their list. Pic source: Moyan Brenn / wikimedia)

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