Worst Restaurant of the Month – Orchid Veggie

Orchid Veggie succeeds Veggie Express as the Worst Restaurant of the Month. This is why any kind of vegetarian dines there at their own risk.

Monthly award worst 2017-02 Orchid Veggie

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Lessons from Vanimal closing

Vanimal have been featured  on this website twice before for their contemptuous treatment of vegetarians. Vanimal going out of business is no surprise. There are super-basic lessons and reminders from that for restaurateurs of vegetarian eateries.

Vanimal 2016-06-01 (1)

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The Tramline Liquor Co – knowledge on vego booze

Subsequent to the previously published article on the animal derived pitfalls of booze for vegans and other vegetarians (click highlighted text to open link); we became engaged in an interesting dialogue with Adam Brough. Adam is employed professionally in the alcoholic beverage industry. Adam works at The Tramline Liquor Co. They are knowledgeable on which of their products are suitable for veg*ans. If they are unsure of the veg*an suitability of a particular product they are happy to chase down more info. Adam says:-

Tramline shop sign cropped

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