Ohm’s reply to our article – unclear if they claim to be all-vegan again

***[Update] Ohm have been asked again after the article below about their commitment to an all-vegan stock policy. Rather than give a straight answer, they again try to play on words to avoid answering the question.***

Ohm have replied criticising our latest article about them. It seems there has been a customer reaction to our article to spurn them into some kind of damage limitation. If we consider Ohm’s reply and the wider picture it looks like they are happy to accept positive publicity but want to control publicity they don’t like.

Ohm sign with pen mark

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Top 10 Asian vegan cities – Peta endorse slaughter and animal abusive sport

Peta Asia have published their top 10 Asian vegan friendly cities. It’s abundant in nonsense, has very non-vegan endorsements and has absurd omissions. Here’s the low down and a much better list.


(Tokyo has the most all vegan restaurants in Asia. Peta don’t even mention it in their list. Pic source: Moyan Brenn / wikimedia)

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