Guesting today on RTHK Radio 3 discussing Vegetarianism

Today’s Backchat show on RTHK Radio 3 had Vegetarianism as the primary discussion topic. A delegated media request from the Hong Kong Vegan Association was received and fulfilled. A podcast of the show is now available here. With numerous other people on the show and limited time frame it’s unrealistic to expect the chance to personally reply to most points made in the broadcast. Thus here’s a further very short response to three of the points raised in the show.


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Criminalising vegans – a reply from Italy

In response to the HK veg article, Italy criminalising veganism – why it’s bunk and why it isn’t, we received the following reply from Yari Prete. Yari is a writer for Vegan Italy monthly magazine. He is also the Ambassador for the Italian city of Turin for HappyCow online healthy eating directory. His reply is well worth reading and so is published with permission here in full in English and also Italian.

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