HK veg:-

  • Contains info, endorsements and critiques for anyone interested in things vegan
  • Is not for profit and does not seek funding
  • Is financially independent from any of the businesses mentioned in any articles
  • Makes comments based on objective, honest & factual information and observation
  • Primarily will be of interest to people with a Hong Kong connection but not exclusively so
  • Initially offers ‘honest mistake benefit of doubt’ to businesses that have been offering products that jeopardise or violate the philosophical principle on which an individual product or the overall service of that business is marketed
  • Recommends vegan solutions. This includes recommended solutions to vegetarian-marketed businesses that have been offering customers non-vegetarian products. A vegan solution makes business sense as everything vegan is also vegetarian (not everything vegetarian is also vegan). Thus vegan products have larger potential customer base than products that are non-vegan grade vegetarian
  • Acknowledges that if a business marketed as vegetarian but not all-vegan prefers to stock a vegetarian product that is non-vegan, that is entirely up to that business (even though this website will not endorse a physical non-vegan product)
  • Strives to bring to public attention businesses that continue to offer products that jeopardise or violate the principle on which that business is marketed after such risks or violations have been pointed out to that business
  • Is disliked (and even despised) by dishonest business managers and owners. This is not what this website sets out to achieve. This though seems an unavoidable consequence of bringing to public attention their misdeeds (after they have not taken the fair chance given to them to fix issues pointed out to them). Honest business managers and owners have nothing to hide nor fear from this site

When criticisms are made it is intended to:-

  • Give people accurate information to help decision making
  • Improve the standards adhered to by those making money from veg*an consumers

One thought on “About

  1. Hello HKveg

    Thank you for the great blog! Looks like you are active on the issue and putting a lot of effort in what you do!

    Is there a way to contact you directly? or its this public comment sectiononly where im writing now?

    Best regards
    Kaido Kivitoa


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