Let’s clear some confusion. Amazing Kitchen neither attempt nor claim to be all-vegan

Amazing Kitchen have featured on this blog before when we reported them as all vegetarian but not all vegan. It’s thus a little surprising that in different places we get told they are all-vegan.

Amazing Kitchen 2017-04-04 (3) ringmarked

For those unaware, Amazing Kitchen is a Buddhist run vegetarian eatery of 35 seats in Mong Kok. Any time we speak with them they are pretty consistent in making it clear they are a not an all-vegan operation. At the time of that previous article about them they said they use honey. Sometimes they say they use milk, sometimes they don’t. Previously they have told us they use condensed milk but then stopped. Last night when asked if the menu item of “milk tea”, had cow milk we were told:

“Yes it is but the milk has run out for today, we’ll have it again tomorrow”.

A few months ago they opened a sister operation called Lotus Light Vegetarian Restaurant quite nearby in Prince Edward. We asked around the time Lotus Light opened and again we were told Lotus Light uses milk products. The current Amazing Kitchen menu references Lotus Light. Thus it seems the Amazing Kitchen menu was reprinted to coincide with Lotus Light opening.

Amazing Kitchen 2017-04-04 (1) ring marked

Interestingly there is also an Amazing Kitchen dish listed on their menu as an egg dish (see above). However when we asked the lady serving told us they don’t use any egg. There is further intrigue in that elsewhere on the menu there is a reference to “vege-egg” (see below). If they genuinely don’t use egg then maybe their menu could do with a bit of clearing up? That’s up to them of course.

Amazing Kitchen 2017-04-04 (4) ring marked

Someone in their extended family operated Popular Vegetarian and told us it was all-vegan before it’s close at the end of 2015. Thus adding all this together it doesn’t seem difficult to understand why there seems confusion around Amazing Kitchen.

Maybe management of Amazing Kitchen will subsequently make an announcement of a change in policy at some point. In the mean time though if you eat at Amazing Kitchen as a vegan it’s sensible to ask which items are and are not vegan. If you don’t speak any Chinese languages take the vegan passport to help you. If you are in any doubt and endeavour to be a strict vegan then it may also be worth avoiding the mock meat there in case they contain ingredients such as milk products.

Of course this website prefers business that are completely vegan. We make no accusation though toward Amazing Kitchen of misrepresenting themselves as an all-vegan restaurant. They seem to make no claim of being exclusively vegan and are transparent in their use of non-vegan products. While we do not endorse non-vegan products we acknowledge it is up to each business to decide if they should be all vegan or not.


2 thoughts on “Let’s clear some confusion. Amazing Kitchen neither attempt nor claim to be all-vegan

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