New Loving Hut opens at E-Max in Kowloon

Great news and a welcome addition to Hong Kong’s vegan scene; another Loving Hut has opened this time at E-Max in Kowloon Bay.

Loving Hut E Max CK (6) cropped

Prior to this there were already two Loving Huts operational in Hong Kong. One of those is in Amoy Plaza on the other side of Kowloon Bay MTR from E-Max. The other Loving Hut is in Wan Chai and managed by a team of whom Christine Kwok is the public face. It’s Christine and the same team who have opened the new branch at E-Max. The doors opened to the public on 31st March. Initially it’s a reduced menu as they trial operations for a month or so ahead of the grand opening.

This gleaming new Loving Hut has 116 seats. With much of the clientele likely to be office staff within E-Max the plan is to be open from breakfast right through to dinner. Christine says:

“We are very strict about veganism at Loving Hut. I have control of procurement. No product or ingredient makes it into our stock without being screened by me first. Unless I am satisfied it is genuinely vegan, the product doesn’t make it into our stock under any circumstances. As an example; many products when you look at the ingredients list don’t have any animal content there. Yet when you look at the allergy information it may say things like, ‘Made on machinery that manufactures with milk,” or ‘May contain traces of egg’. I don’t allow products in such as those.”

Loving Hut E Max (5)

No messing about there folks. Way to go Christine. The new Loving Hut is of course added to our guide to Hong Kong’s all vegan restaurants.

  • Loving Hut (E-Max)
  • Shops 21 – 23, 2nd Floor E-Max, Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Centre, 1 Trademart Drive
  • Kowloon Bay MTR exit A then take the free shuttle bus operating from outside the Hang Seng Tower from 06 45 am til midnight (see map below)
  • +852 3596 7837
  • (Same management as Loving Hut Wan Chai)

Loving Hut E Max map


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