Worst Restaurant of the Month – Veggie Express

Veggie Express succeeds Saravana in Chungking Mansions as Worst Restaurant of Month. This is Veggie Express’s story of disrespect and contempt for their customers.


The detailed story of Veggie Express is in this article published in January. That article was sent to Veggie Express to which we haven’t received a reply. Thus to summarise:-

  • They clearly market themselves as a vegetarian restaurant. This is not only from the restaurant name. Seven times their menu states, “All ingredients are vegetarian” (circled by us on the images below)








  • Yet they admitted to us to knowingly, willfully and continually selling their customers non-vegetarian cheese. Rennet used in dairy cheese is a slaughter by product of the veal industry. That and other concerns re dairy cheese such as GMO are in this article
  • When we explained these concerns to their nominated customer service person her reaction wasn’t to remove the non-vegetarian cheese. Instead she thought it better to suggest removing “All ingredients are vegetarian” from the menu. Such an attitude from a restaurant named Veggie Express beggars belief
  • Honest restaurateurs spend time and money sourcing products that fit with the philosophical principle on which vegetarian restaurants are marketed; namely everything sold or consumed at the restaurant is vegetarian. By quickly sourcing what is likely a cheap product gives Veggie Express an unfair cost advantage against those honest restaurateurs

Since Veggie Express take the above liberty with customers, what other corners do they cut? e.g. There are also risks that Veggie Express:-

  • Use margarine manufactured with non-vegetarian ingredients (see lowest of the seven menu pics above), since margarine is often made for example with whey
  • Mislabel items on their menu that falsely indicate some dishes as egg free. This is hazardous to vegans or people with egg allergy


(Are the noodles and mock meats at Veggie Express such as those highlighted above genuinely egg free?)

The utter disrespect and contempt Veggie Express have for vegetarians regarding non-vegetarian cheese alone is deplorable. The other risks mentioned compound the concern. Thus for these reasons Veggie Express has been reported to the Hong Kong Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD). The FEHD have responded to say they have passed this to the HK Customs Dept (since this is a false advertising issue). These are the details for anyone wishing to email the Customs Dept to add their support to this complaint:-

  • email id – customsenquiry@customs.gov.hk
  • Reference A18877100

Whether or not the Customs Dept have sufficient teeth to take serious action remains to be seen. If they do take serious action to get Veggie Express to improve then great. If they do not act upon this accordingly then this further justifies the watchdog service that is part of this website.

It’s never a pleasure publishing something like this. However the paying public have a right to being informed about where they spend their hard earned cash.


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