R C Cafe brings the Soland all vegan touch to Kowloon

Soland is well established for healthy and inexpensive all vegan eats in Central Hong Kong. A friend of Soland has opened a similar set up in Kowloon. Here’s the deal.


(R C Cafe pic source, Chris Yang facebook)

Soland in Gilman’s Bazaar has been in business for seven years with a dedicated lunch time following. The food there can be summed up in four points:-

  • Affordable
  • Tasty
  • Nourishing
  • Healthy for each of people, animals and the environment

(R C Cafe pic source, Chris Yang facebook)

As well as being all vegan there’s no microwave, frying, MSG, mushroom nor corn starch. Chris who runs Soland has been helping a friend in the concept design to set up a similar place in Kwun Tong. The new place is R C Cafe managed by Jeffrey Chan. R C Cafe undoubtedly has the Soland touch at every level; food style and content, decor, ambience and affordability. The “R C” stands for “Raw Chef” giving a clue to how some of the food is prepared. The meal deal of soup, a mixed main dish and a fruit smoothie costs 50 hkd. The loyalty scheme available makes it possible to reduce the average cost per meal to 42 hkd. That’s a superb deal. R C Cafe is also open for private bookings for a seven course banquet for 220 hkd.

We have already enjoyed eating in R C Cafe a couple of times. One difference from Soland is R C Cafe is additionally open some evenings. The cost for dinner at R C is the same as mentioned above for lunch. And interestingly, helping by taking care of cooking on the evening we were there was… Chris from Soland. It was terrific hearing and watching Chris talk there. Usually Chris comes across (to me at least), as being pretty composed. There was no doubt about it though; watching Chris talk about Jeffrey’s new place opening, she could barely contain her excited enthusiasm and positive energy.


R C Cafe is added to our list of all vegan restaurants in Hong Kong.

  • R C Cafe
  • Room 6, 13/F, New City Centre, 2 Lei Yue Mun Road
  • Go straight ahead out Kwun Tong MTR exit D4 for a few minutes. New City Centre building is the 1st on the right over the culvert over the waterway. Side entry on Cha Kwo Wing Road when front entry is closed
  • +852 9473 3412
  • Open currently for pre-reservation only via the above number

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