Alpha Living Planet and Beauty and Juice parting ways. Beauty and Juice to stop being all vegan?

Retail outlet Beauty and Juice and raw vegan caterers Alpha Living Planet are to end their partnership soon. This is the low down and what this likely means.


(Alpha Living Planet will continue with their all vegan services away from Beauty and Juice)

Beauty and Juice went into partnership last summer with raw vegan caterer, Alpha Living Planet. This was a positive step with Alpha Living Planet now in charge of stock ordering at the Beauty and Juice outlet in Kwun Tong. After existing stocks of honey were used up, Beauty and Juice became an all vegan retailer.

Wings Lam at Alpha Living Planet has announced that the partnership is about to end. In following this up with Wings confirmed the final day of the partnership will be 27 January (the date of the eve of 2017 Chinese New Year). This is a shame as the raw vegan food the ALP team produce there at B&J is delicious.


We have messaged Beauty and Juice to ask if the food they sell will remain all vegan. We have yet to receive a reply. Beauty and Juice’s previous history of using honey products doesn’t seem a positive omen.

The Alpha Living Planet inspired listing for Beauty and Juice currently remains on our guide of the all vegan restaurants in Hong Kong. A summary of the above has been added to that guide in anticipating of their listing removal on 27 January.

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