Considering going vegan? Benchmark your start point with a health check

The recent 10 tips on going vegan came up in a subsequent conversation. This led to an excellent point being made. If you are giving vegan a try it’s a great idea to consider getting a health check if you can. Here’s why.


There’s many points we tried to make in the aforementioned 10 tips on going vegan. One was the relentless world war that corporate lobbies fight. The lobbyists want to win consumer’s hearts, minds and ultimately money. Multi billion dollar funded pro meat / dairy / egg type groups will use any technique they can get away with. Their bottom line objective is to influence people to spend hard earned cash on products they market. These lobby groups flood the mediasphere with propaganda intended to drown out and contradict messages that threaten their profitability. For example they manufacture fake citizens groups. And they payroll academics and other experts-for-hire to churn out the lobby group’s message. And of course they bankroll politicians. This is as well as the usual advertising and the like that animal industry funds. This pro-animal industry lobbying causes much of society to have all manner of negative perceptions regarding veganism. There’s billions of people misinformed, uninformed, confused, doubtful, suspicious and distrustful of vegan products.

Hence why in debates and discussions non-vegans have boundless opportunities to say things like:-

  • “I read something that said drinking milk is healthy.” Or,
  • “I heard on the news it’s good for me to eat fish.”

There’s a sure fire way to take the doubt out of whose messages to believe. Get a health check. If you do this around the time you start being vegan it gives you a benchmark. Then get another health check in say six months, a year, two years. Whatever time frame happens to suit you. The benefits of being vegan should then be there in hard metrics in the follow up report about your health.


This is talking from some experience. In the days when in the employed world I went for a health check every couple of years or so. Since giving that world up to become a full time volunteer I went for a health check in April when in Malaysia. The scope of a health check is up to each individual. The health check though puts me on solid ground any time I hear nonsense like, “You won’t be healthy eating that vegan stuff”. I can just quote the report back to them that says my health is fantastic. And if they want they can stump up for a health check. I’m more than happy to compare health reports. I only wish I’d gotten such a report at the time I started being vegan. Then I could really use the reports to demonstrate how eating vegan food has improved my health.

The 10 tips on going vegan is thus updated to include a summary of this info.

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