Anything but Salads: For sale and closed til further notice

Anything But Salads was put up for sale a few weeks ago. A closure date was scheduled in the interim for 4 December 2016 (yesterday). Whether or not a buy out is completed only time will tell. And if a buy out does complete it will be interesting to see if ABS retains its all vegan retail policy.


This completes a busy year for the ABS leadership team. In August the renovated their Sheung Wan premises from a shop into a cafe. Then in late September they removed the last non-vegan ingredient from their stock (honey).

For the time being at least our 5 minute guide of all vegan restaurants in Hong Kong is updated to reflect ABS is not currently operational. We are aware of at least three all vegan eateries potentially coming on stream in HK. From years of working in project management though we know all too well there’s a huge difference between someone starting and delivering a project. We will thus say nothing further about those at present.



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