Vegan and non-vegan wine in HK

We have covered before the animal derived pitfalls for vegans in alcohol (especially in wine). It’s clear labeling from on wine bottles from this retailer below.


And that retailer is…


Marks and Spencer retail vegan labelled wine from as little as 58 hkd. Since every vegan is also vegetarian they just label some as “Vegan”.

Another option is the HK based Italian wine importer, The Vine Yard. This section on the vineyard website is pretty self explanatory:-


Yalumba wine vintages have been all vegan since 2012. The wide distribution of this brand includes convenient availability in HK from the Fusion / International / Park n Shop supermarket chain.


We have this previous article on vegan beer for those preferring that as their tipple. And once again we endorse as the current best starting point for info online to source vegan booze.






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