Today’s disaster

The enormous and colossal benefits of veganism overlap massively with the areas of:-

a) health
b) environment
c) economics [from veganism’s multi trillion dollar cost saving potential on a) & b)]
d) compassion


(Pic by Lorie Shaull)

The immense power of political force should never be under estimated. Donald Trump has now been elected President of the most powerful nation on earth. The Republican Party has similarly won victory in both the US Senate and House of Representatives. The unchecked power of the disastrous ideas of that man is a catastrophic prospect for veganism. Billions who care about any of the four points listed above will come to rue this triple election victory.

Tomorrow is another day in the battle of right against wrong. Never give up, never give up, never give up.









5 thoughts on “Today’s disaster

  1. My heart is heavy today.
    The world is on the edge of precipice & its taken a massive step closer by electing Trump as Americas president. The worst president that money can buy.


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