Genie Juicery and beef, chicken, steak and salmon

Genie Juicery claim, “Raw, vegan, fresh, organic and living juices.” It’s strange they now partner with meat merchants, Nosh. This is the low down.


(Food menu at Genie Juicery, Hollywood Road)

Alert readers may recall we reported a conversation with Genie Juicery when we put together an article on vegan ice cream in HK. In that conversation in September, Victoria Fontanilla at Genie Juicery claimed Genie Juicery were all vegan. This was despite her saying herself they use honey in some salads. (Update, their website lists honey and butter as ingredients):-


Things at Genie Juicery seem to have gone downhill further since those already poor claims of veganism.

An alert contributor provided a tip off on 22 October that Genie Juicery were now selling meat dishes from their Hollywood Road branch. The above photo was taken from the serving booth there. So from our emailing Genie Juicery, this is what Victoria had to say in reply this time.

HK veg: “Hi there, Could you confirm or correct my understanding please? Genie Juicery now offers a full meat based food menu?”

Genie Juicery: “No we do not have Full Meat based menu.”

HK veg: “Someone directed my attention to this in the attached pic. This was taken at the Hollywood Rd branch of Genie Juicery. Could you help me understand what this is in the pic please?” (Referring to the pic above)

Genie Juicery: “The pic shows NOSH, not Genie Juicery. We are sharing shop, that is why. But this is their Menu, not ours.”

HK veg: “Thanks for your reply. Could you clarify please:-

* What is arrangement between Genie Juicery and Nosh? e.g. is it only sharing premises? Are staff shared? Is there some sort of financial relationship between the 2 parties?

* How did that arrangement come to be in place?”

Genie Juicery: “Unfortunately, this information is confidential. May I know why you are interested to know?”

HK veg: “I run a website on the vegan scene in HK. Our readers are interested in places that:-

* embrace veganism

* move away from veganism

That Genie Juicery is partnering with a meat oriented caterer will likely interest some of our readership.”

No further comment from Victoria was received (not that one was asked for). Instead the shop staff were engaged directly today. I asked a very helpful gentleman in the shop who was wearing a Genie Juicery t-shirt. He said while pointing at the Nosh menu:-

“We’re a juice bar and we have food from these guys through the back. I can go heat something up for you.”

Thanks pal but I’ll skip on that.


(The Genie Juicery claim to be vegan seems remarkably disingenuous)

There was a sandwich board sized, on-street advert of the Nosh food at Genie Juicery on Hollywood Road. For the time being that sandwich board seems to have been removed after the above dialogue with Victoria. The Nosh food menu pictured near the top is very much still displayed at the serving booth.

Honey selling by Genie Juicery already belied their claims of being all vegan as lacking sincerity. That they have now gone into partnership with Nosh “selling signature” dishes of beef, chicken, steak and salmon make those claims of veganism seem completely hollow.

Are you the kind of person when given a choice that prefers food or beverages from an all vegan business? Or even an all vegetarian business? If yes, you may want to think twice before buying from Genie Juicery. The choice is yours.










4 thoughts on “Genie Juicery and beef, chicken, steak and salmon

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  2. Even worse: Some people might assume it is just one of those menus where they use the “real” names for all the mock meats. It says vegan on the front of the shop so it has to be vegan, right?

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