2016: Vegan restaurants explode across Hong Kong’s dining scene – 香江純素2016新氣象

Update: For very important updates to the businesses listed below and more please see the guide to Hong Kong’s all vegan eateries.


In 2016 Hong Kong has averaged more than one addition per month to its all vegan restaurant list. Over the last 12 months the number of all vegan eateries in HK has doubled. Here’s the deal.


January – Veggie SF had been in business since January 2010 as a lacto ovo vego restaurant. In January 2016 this 1950s San Francisco style diner upgraded to all vegan. Owner Paul said, “Older and wiser. Initially we set up mainly on religious reasons. As we’ve learned more it’s now more about animal compassion. Vegan is the way to go.”

March – Loving Nature had been operating as a coffee shop in Kwai Hing for a year. Then they moved to new premises allowing them operate as a cafe. As an affiliate of the Malaysia based LN / Loving Nature chain they are all vegan.

March – A second LN / Loving Nature affiliated presence opens in Hong Kong. Under the banner of LN Fortunate Coffee this Sai Ying Pun eatery gets the punters in for spaghetti, bagels, sandwiches and waffles. And of course coffee.


April – Veggle Cafe opens as the first all vegan eatery in Kwun Tong. The chef is previously from the now demised Life Cafe. Veggle trumps Life Cafe though since Life Cafe wasn’t all vegan. Western style food.

June – A change to the investors at what was previously Queen of the East vegetarian restaurant in Causeway Bay. Queen of the East becomes Benzhen Vegetarian but with the non-vegan ingredients removed as part of the re-brand. Benzhen retains the Buddhist philosophy of its predecessor.

August – Ohm opens in Sheung Wan marketing itself as all vegan, all organic, all fair trade. A place for a beer or a coffee but also with a small food menu.

August – After going into partnership with the people from Alpha Living Planet, Beauty and Juice in Kwun Tong migrates to all vegan. The migration completes in August with an all raw food vegan menu.

August – The Chinese University of Hong Kong opens an on campus vegetarian restaurant. The contract is won by the people behind Luen Wo catering. They go one better than making the food all vegetarian. They make it the first all vegan restaurant at any of Hong Kong’s universities. The restaurant is named Vegether.

The Veggie (29)

September – How many people a year ago said Kwun Tong would become a vegan restaurant hot spot? The Veggie opened in September 2016 to be the third all vegan eatery opened in Kwun Tong this year. Unlike the two previously mentioned places in Kwun Tong, The Veggie is a Chinese food place. It’s a pretty fancy one at that. Exquisite ingredients are imported from ecologically oriented farmers in the fresh air of Yunnan province.

September – Anything But Salads declares the last non-vegan ingredient removed from their menu. This is little surprise since they have been edging that way for some time. They also refurbed their presence in Sheung Wan the month before to convert it to a cafe.


So 10 new places for all vegan dining have appeared in Hong Kong this year by the end of September. That is an average of 1.1 per month. Extending the time window slightly further… One year ago there were 11 all vegan cafes and restaurants in Hong Kong. Veggie Mami made that number 12 in October last year when they declared they had upgraded to all vegan. Thus in the last 12 months the number of all vegan eateries in Hong Kong has doubled.


In some regards this increase should be no surprise for a city of Hong Kong’s size. Tech savvy Hong Kongers are wired up and tuned in to worldwide trends. There’s the forces of resistance though pushing against the trend. The meat / dairy / egg / fish / sea food industry have highly financed lobbyists and Merchants of Doubt keen to spread anti-vegan propaganda. Even in Hong Kong there are some slightly surprising forces pressing against all vegan dining. In talking with the leadership team behind the recently opened Soul Concept in Wan Chai the question had to be asked: Why does the menu include lacto vegetarian food? The answer? Because they asked the Hong Kong Green Monday people for advice. The Green Monday people told them not to be all vegan. It seems the Green Monday people aren’t as green as they’d like people to perceive they are.

There’s no suggestion that there won’t be set backs along the way. Popular Vegetarian was a sad all vegan loss at New Year to what was likely exorbitant rent increases. At some time another place will close or revert to non-vegan. The overall trend is overwhelmingly clear though. Hong Kong is following the trend from other parts of the world. All vegan restaurants are increasingly part of the HK dining scene and will be here to stay.

The growth rate so far in 2016 of Hong Kong all vegan restaurants will rival anywhere on earth. There’s currently 21 HK all vegan restos (here’s the list) elevating themselves above other restaurants that claim to target healthy, compassionate, environmentally minded customers. What will be the next addition to the list?



VeggieSF於2010年1月開業,是一家蛋奶素食餐廳。到2016年1月,這家1950年代舊金山特色主題餐廳已升格為純素食餐廳,餐廳 主人Paul透露,經一事,長一智,初始開這餐廳時主要為宗教理由。當越來越體會更多,慈悲心與對待動物的互相關連,必然走向純素之道。


Veggle咖啡室率先在觀塘開業成為區內首家純素食肆。主廚曾服務於著名素食餐館Life Cafe但卻經已結業。同樣是供應西餐菜式,而Veggle卻更勝一籌,因Life Café 並不完全只供應純素餐飲,
與Alpha Living Planet 合夥後,位於觀塘的這家Beauty and Juice 開始轉變成純素食店,其餐單到8月已經完全成為生機純素的菜式。

The Veggie (29)

一年之前,有多少人會想到觀塘區會成為純素餐廳的熱點? 2016年9月,尚素成為今年第三家在觀塘開業的純素食肆。與先前在區內的兩家餐廳不一樣,這是一家中菜餐館。而且非常雅緻,值得一提的是他們的獨特食材從雲南空氣潔淨的地區向愛護生態的農民購買。
九月:Anything But Salads 宣布其菜單上唯一不是純素的食品都被移除了。這是個小小的驚喜,因為他們已經向這個方向邁進了好一段日子了。月前他們將位於上環的店翻新改裝成咖啡室。




在某些方面,此增長應不足為奇,在香港這彈丸城市,精於變通的香港人都懂得調整與世界趨勢接軌。然而有些反彈力量多少也障礙著這些發展。那些對 抗力量從經營肉類,奶類,蛋類,魚類,海鮮類的商人而來,他們擁有龐大的財力大灑金錢推廣其商品之餘,對一切純素食的推廣運動,更不惜加倍其力量去促成反 對。
就算在香港,對純素食宣傳的反對力量、對純素食餐飲的壓迫,實在有點令人驚訝,最近,與一群領導層傾談,他們的餐廳名為自在素在灣仔區剛開業, 問到這個問題:你們為何餐牌上會放那些蛋和奶的菜式?答案呢?因為他們曾經請教過香港綠色星期一(Green Monday)的那些負責人。那些人告訴他們不應做純素的餐廳。可見綠色星期一的當事人並不如大家所想像中的綠。










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