Worst Restaurant of the Month award – Kan Kee

It is with sadness to say the undoubted winner in succeeding Kung Tak Lam as Worst Restaurant of the Month is Kan Kee. Here’s the tale of betrayal behind this.


Imagine this:-

  • You’re vegan
  • You’ve been going to a place for over two years
  • It’s always the same waitress serving on the evenings when the place is open
  • You’ve been there with a native Cantonese speaker who has made it clear time after time to the waitress that both of you are vegan
  • You’ve asked the waitress on numerous occasions if they use any dairy, egg or honey produce in any of the food
  • The waitress every time says that they don’t
  • You ask some questions to enquire how dependable that info seems to be. This extends to asking if they even use any mock meats that contain dairy, egg etc
  • The waitress is insistent there is no animal derived ingredients in any of the food they prepare
  • You’ve been a regular customer and championed the restaurant to others

Sounds good so far? Then add in this:-

  • You visit in a party of three and order three dishes
  • You wolf the food down
  • On the way out one member of the party enquires what one of the sauces was made from
  • The waitress replies that it was cream. Not soy cream nor coconut cream. Dairy cream

This is a true story from Kan Kee. My personal initial reaction was a stunned mixture of disgust and revulsion. It hit home with a hammer that I was glooping my arteries with food from an industry that routinely:-

  • enslaves cows as commodities
  • rapes dairy cows to impregnate them so they continue to lactate
  • permanently separates new borns from their parents at birth
  • mutilates and tortures with processes such as de-horning
  • condemns young bulls to four months of life before their slaughter for veal
  • Instead of a natural lifespan of up to 20 years, typically slaughters female cows after 4 years when their milk production drops to uneconomic levels

Of course the implications of the dairy industry is much longer than the above short summary.


(The notion that cows spend their days merrily strolling through grassy fields is absurd)

It is in order to commend a Cantonese speaking co-diner in the group who remained composed and tried to manage the Kan Kee situation constructively. The waitress thus said:-

  • They have a small number of customers who always request either of two specific dishes on the menu are made with dairy cream


(Cream. You can get it at Kan Kee even when you don’t ask for it).

So two very important issues:-

  1. The previous statements from the waitress about never using dairy products were completely worthless
  2. How on earth can a waitress serve cream to two customers and let them eat it who she fully knows are on a non-dairy diet?

The composed conversation continued to try to explain to the waitress the implications of what had just happened. That conversation didn’t involve me in my state of disbelief. The waitress though just did not care and at one point even seemed to find it slightly amusing.

Thus the Worst Restaurant of the Month for September 2016 is Kan Kee.






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