Anything But Salads upgrades to all vegan

It’s all go at Anything But Salads. We featured them recently when they expanded to become a cafe. There’s more very encouraging news coming out of there.


Jesse Smith in the ABS team was in touch this week. Jesse was delighted to announce they have taken the last non-vegan item out of the ABS ingredient list. The food and beverages they sell are now all vegan. This is little surprise. ABS is a very creative, contemporary, progressive kind of place. ABS have been moving increasingly to being all vegan. It seemed only a matter of time before they completed that jump.


Jesse pointed out that as well as being all vegan around 80% of the menu is raw food.

Anything But Salads has of course been added to the 5 minute vegan Hong Kong guide.

5 thoughts on “Anything But Salads upgrades to all vegan

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