The “vegan” signage at Amritsar Express

This site has published articles before on the mismatch between the signage wording and menu content at Amritsar Express in Hong Kong’s Tsim Sha Tsui. After our latest suggestion to the Manager there has been a development.


  • The Manager, Arpinder Kaur, said to us after our previous Amritsar Express article that rather than amend the menu she would have the signage replaced. She also said that would take time
  • We suggested at least just removing the word “vegan” from the current signage
  • If you look at the spelling from these pictures taken today, this seems to have been acted uponamritsar-express-corrected-signs-1

With this being a pro-vegan website our preference would have been for the menu ingredients to have been made all vegan. That though was always an unlikely objective with the deep entrenchment dairy products have in Indian cuisine. This signage change is better than nothing. It if nothing else reduces the risk of someone unintentionally ingesting milk products. We thank Arpinder at Amritsar Express for at least having corrected the signage.

With that particular false advertising seemingly removed we have nothing further to say for the moment re Amritsar Express.




2 thoughts on “The “vegan” signage at Amritsar Express

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