Sooo Vegi 素食主意 moves from Shell Street to Wan Chai

An alert reader pointed out to us that Sooo Vegi closed their branch at Shell Street in Fortress Hill. In the window is a written note saying ‘See you in Wan Chai’. Management have just given us details of the re-opening at the new venue.


Sooo Vego before on Shell St


Sooo Vegi’s ex Shell St location

Sooo Vegi is an inexpensive, small, vegan friendly, all vego outfit that previously operated two branches near Fortress Hill MTR. The branch in Shell Street closed to relocate to Wan Chai. The new place in Wan Chai opens on Thursday (14 Sep 2016). Here’s the new details as advised to us by management there:-

  • Sooo Vegi
  • Shop A, G/F, Cactus Mansion, 1-19 McGregor Street
  • Nearest MTR – Wan Chai exit A3
  • +852 2866 6812 (unchanged from before)

The address for the branch still operating near Fortress Hill is:-



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