The Veggie brings higher end all vegan dining to Kowloon

The Veggie is the latest all vegan resto unleashed on the HK dining scene. This time it’s in Kwun Tong and it’s aimed at the exquisite food market. This is the low down.


Starting soft opening today is The Veggie in Kwun Tong. Multiple investors are behind the launch of this higher end establishment of 120 seats. The Veggie is undoubtedly chasing a completely different market sector compared to budget oriented places like CS Vegan or Loving Hut. This is reflected in the price point. Arthur Au from the investment team told us this:

“There are a number of different investors behind The Veggie. Some have worked in F&B for a long time. Some are specialised in foods like tofu & bean products. What they have combined is vegetarian food passion.”

“The menu is dim sum at lunch time and for dinner is a mixture of dim sum and non dim sum food. We want to make the cuisine more healthy and natural. We are looking to purvey things such as bamboo pith, elegant mushrooms like matsutake (used in Japan for royal guests) and Chinese porcine. One of the investors is from rural area farmers. These farmers are not engaged in mass production and are not under great pressures to make a lot of money to pay high costs. They rather use a more traditional, ecological, slower and healthier method to grow produce. We bring ingredients from Yunnan province. Yunnan province is high above sea level. The water and air are very clean without the pollution problems of more urbanised areas. This makes the nutrients in our fungus much better. It’s grade A food source for delicious taste.”

“Our food focus is much less on mock meat compared to most Chinese vegetarian restaurants. We have mock only in a few dishes. They are all vegan of course. And no MSG. All the dim sums are made in house fresh everyday. Connoisseurs will be able to tell the difference. And we generally avoid additives. The only additives in our food will be those in the mock meats. We bring black sugar cubes from Yunnan province. Again this is additive free.”

“Vegan is our preferred strategy. Since we are starting rather than taking over an existing operation, there’s no non-vegan baggage in the kitchen team to manage. In a restaurant kitchen the chef has a lot of power. Since we are starting fresh we are able to mandate what we want from the chefs. Vegan is better for animals and better for people. Milk and egg we know has cruelty. Even without the killing of the animal, animals are mistreated.”

It’s not just veganistas Arthur is looking to entice.

“While the food in The Veggie is all vegan we are clear in our vision. We want even non-vegetarians to find our food is interesting and that they can find it more enjoyable to them as when the eat omnivorous food. We’d like to attract omnivores to inspire them to embrace vegetarian and ideally vegan.”

From the food tasting it’s easy to endorse Arthur’s comments. The food quality is the real deal with delicious flavours. Of the existing vegan HK restaurants to try to compare the food to, Pure Veggie House or Lock Cha both across the harbour on HK Island. The Veggie is on soft launch this week. It is added to the 5 minute vegan Hong Kong guide.

The Veggie setting (3)


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