The Earthlings Experience returns to Hong Kong

The Earthlings Experience (EE) started last year in London and spread across the world. Following a short hiatus the next EE HK is ready to roll for 6 pm on Sunday. This is the story.

Earthlings Experience HK

The spark behind the original Earthlings Experience came from a group with the self explanatory name of London Vegan Actions. Earthlings is a 2005 landmark documentary about the use by man kind of other animals as pets, food, clothing, entertainment and scientific research. Hollywood actor Joaquin Phoenix provides the narration and Moby provides the sound track. Both are committed vegans. The film contains graphic images and is gut wrenching, hard hitting  viewing.

The purpose of the EE is to help people to make a connection. That connection is to the reality of what those with a vested financial interest in animal exploitation prefer the public not to be aware of. To draw attention to this the tools are very simple:-

  • volunteers
  • laptops with a download of Earthlings
  • neutral masks
  • a public space with passers by

The combination of the group wearing neutral masks combined with the hard hitting movie playing on the laptop works well at attention catching.

The first version of EE in Hong Kong was setup by vegan activist Jess Henderson. Jess previously drove successfully a campaign for Cathay Pacific to stop shipping shark fin. Jess has for the moment taken her unquenchable brand of activism overseas. Thus Jess has handed over to three new people to orchestrate Earthling Experience HK. Below are the two others now organising EE HK with myself:-

Daghan Dalgic: “I am a filmmaker, writer and the founder of Love for Gaia. Love for Gaia is a group dedicated to animal liberation and promoting spirituality within the Hong Kong community. I have publicly fasted (no food, no water, no sleep) and camped outside for 36 hours to promote veganism and cruelty-free lifestyles. 36 hours is how long cattle spend without food nor water during transportation.”

Daghan’s 36 hour protest very successfully attracted some high profile press coverage. Remarkably for someone already making such a visible impact giving a voice for animals, Daghan is still at high school in Hong Kong.

Maritsa Cortes: “I moved to Hong Kong a little over a year ago with my fiancé for work. We became vegan together at the beginning of 2016 after we decided to give our bodies a rest from meat. A few days after, not knowing what vegan was, we came across a documentary called Lucent. It’s about the unethical practices and treatment of pigs in Australian pig farms.”

“We have been vegan since and now dedicate our lives and business to veganism and making a difference for the planet, animals and our health. My fiancé and I came across EEHK after I met Daghan and he invited us to the event. I met Jess Henderson then and after a series of events came to helping out with EEHK.”

As well as being the social media whiz of the team Maritsa and her partner Jessenia Soto are T. Colin Campbell Plant-Based Nutrition Certified. They provide services such as recovery massage, whole foods plant-based meal and fitness  / PT programs through their company, SoFit Solutions. And if anyone ever makes the unfounded comment about vegans not getting enough protein, take a look at Jessenia. She is built like a tank and could probably run through a brick wall if required. You don’t get muscle like that without protein.

The next Earthlings Experience HK is scheduled for 6 pm on Sunday 4 September 2016. Full details are at this link.



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