Veggie Mami – a Prince Edward convert to all vegan dining

Veggie Mami is a smashing little food place in Kowloon. Thanks to being tipped off by a an alert reader we can report they are another to have converted to being all vegan. Here’s the deal.

Veggie Mami opened on 3rd July 2012. It’s a cosy, family run business of around 15 seats owned by a lady named Annie Choi. The family eat food from the restaurant as per what they prepare for customers. Since opening they have gravitated towards being vegan. This was largely due to the influence of Annie’s daughter, Jennifer Wong. Jennifer helps in the restaurant when in Hong Kong. Note the use of the word, “when”. She spent a year and a half at Seoul University studying Korean language and culture.

(All pics in this article by Jennifer Lai)

When in Korea Jennifer tracked down some local vegetarians over there. Jennifer was fascinated to observe the people she encountered who didn’t use egg nor dairy products. She was also intrigued by vegetarians who avoided mock meats due to the nutritional loss from the processing of packaged food. Jennifer also became increasingly aware of the negative health effects of eating milk and / or egg products. Added to the seemingly never ending food scares from animal derived foodstuffs, the case building in Jennifer’s mind was increasingly compelling.

With the news and information Jennifer was passing back to headquarters, Veggie Mami has thus progressively moved their menu towards being:-

  • vegan
  • organic
  • free from mock meat
Jennifer moved back to HK from Korea in June 2015. In October 2015 Veggie Mami declared themselves fully vegan. This obviously is great news for everyone. They do great vegan food so with the menu now being completely oriented as such then so much the better.
The style of the food on offer is undoubtedly dominated by East Asian influences but not exclusively so. The food in Veggie Mami though isn’t the kind you find in a traditional vego Chinese eatery. The Veggie Mami fresh and wholesome food is prepared with a contemporary feel. The pictures of the different vegetables, tofu, noodles, beans and seeds pretty speak for themselves. And of course to cement that Korean influence, try their kimchi.



At time of drafting this article Veggie Mami has been added to the Five minute vegan Hong Kong guide.




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