Worst Restaurant of the Month award – Kung Tak Lam

Succeeding Vanimal ahead of some ferocious competition for the HK veg Worst Restaurant of the Month is Kung Tak Lam. Here is the story of their deceit and the contempt this business with non-vegetarian management has for vegetarians.


We have been in touch numerous times electronically and by telephone with Ada Choy at Four Seas Group. Four Seas Group are the conglomerate who claim to run Kung Tak Lam as a vegetarian restaurant chain among their massive portfolio. That portfolio they proudly proclaim contains such items as “hams, sausages, meats, seafood.” With Kung Tak Lam such a small part of a massive meat oriented portfolio we should hardly be surprised at their nonsense below. The management contact we have been given to deal with is Ada Choy. With Ada the example to go by it couldn’t be clearer:-

  • they are complete novices in the details of vegetarian principles and pitfalls
  • the concern they have for the vegetarian principles of their customers is at best superficial

To quickly summarise previous dialogue:-


On 22 August we had a three way conference call with Ada. As documented in the follow up email we published online, even in that conversation Ada’s truthfulness seemed questionable. Specifically:-

  • At one point during that conversation Ada said the wine issue has been resolved by withdrawing wine from retail
  • We asked what would happen if we were to go into a Kung Tak Lam branch to check for ourselves to see if wine was available. Ada immediately changed her answer and now said that wine would be available and that it is wine that has been verified as vegetarian
  • In light of Ada’s hasty change of answer we asked Ada to send across a list of the wines on sale at Kung Tak Lam. This was of course to see if we are able to follow up ourselves to ascertain if the wine indeed is vegetarian. Ada agreed on the call to take that action

Nine days have passed since that call with Ada with no further update from her. Thus she was given a call again this afternoon. This time it was a good look at a very different side of Ada Choy:-

  • Ada was asked if there was an update re providing the details of the wine now on sale in Kung Tak Lam
  • Ada made it clear she had no idea what I was talking about and that as far as she was concerned the wine question is closed
  • Ada said that while Kung Tak Lam are selling wine currently their plan in the future is to stop selling wine. As far as she was concerned, end of story
  • It was thus necessary to remind Ada of the conference call last week and the action she agreed to (i.e. that she agreed to provide details of the wine retailed by Kung Tak Lam). It was also pointed out to her that she had been given an email follow up with a reminder of the action she had agreed to on that conf call
  • Thus the commitment Ada had made on that 22 August conference call seems to have been completely disingenuous and worthless

From Ada’s thoroughly unimpressive start today her comments descended into farce. Get ready for this gem. To try to wriggle out of her action Ada then said that providing details of the wine brands they sell is commercially sensitive information. Have you ever heard such ridiculous baloney? They retail wine and disclosing the details of the wine is commercially sensitive information? So if you go into Kung Tak Lam and ask what wine they have on sale, by Ada’s logic the server will decline to answer because that’s commercially sensitive info. That must be great for sales.

So the illogic of Ada’s comment was explained to her. Thankfully she seen the light and agreed details of the wine they sell isn’t in fact commercially sensitive. She then tried to wriggle out of her action again. She asked me to explain to her which brand of wine has been sold by Kung Tak Lam that isn’t vegetarian. This flew in the face of the previous extensive dialogue we have had with Ada where we have repeatedly explained:-

  • While vegetarian wine is available, generally wine isn’t vegetarian and care should be taken to verify the vegetarian suitability of the wine. (Take a look at this link to get an idea yourself of how widely non-vegetarian manufacturing agents are used in wine)
  • The responsibility is on managers of vegetarian restaurants to ensure that anything they sell to their customer has been verified as vegetarian


(Vegetarians buying wine without first checking it’s vegetarian are taking a huge risk)

By now this was a completely circular conversation. Old points were gone over that have been explained before. By now Ada’s tone was making it clear that:-

  • she was completely disinterested in this subject
  • this subject is nothing more than an unwelcome distraction to her

There may well be some truth in Ada’s comment about Kung Tak Lam stopping wine sale in the future. That would fit a tactic we encountered with Vanimal with their reply re non-vegetarian cheese:-

  • the restaurant state they will stop selling the non-vegetarian product in future
  • they will only stop selling though after they have used up their stockpile of the non-vegetarian product in question

Ada again on today’s call agreed to find out which wine is on sale at Kung Tak Lam and report back next week. Judge for yourself how reliable her agreement is going by how disingenuous and insincere she has been re this previously.

As we repeatedly say on this website… one guide to the credibility of a vegetarian restaurant is in the detail of how seriously they take vegetarian awareness. Namely:-

  • A supposedly vegetarian restaurant gets noticed using non-vegetarian produce
  • If they aren’t serious about doing anything about it with urgency then there will be other things to worry about there going on behind the scenes

Of course the ideal situation is when a restaurant doesn’t fall into any pitfalls.

So August 2016 Worst Restaurant of the Month is awarded to Kung Tak Lam for:-

  • not verifying everything they retail to their customers is vegetarian
  • not acting seriously in response to the pitfall highlighted to them that they have fallen into. This is despite that they have been given numerous opportunities over the last couple of months to tackle the highlighted issue. Instead their given response has been disingenuous




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