Best Restaurant of the Month award – Loving Hut (Wan Chai)

Succeeding Thai Vegetarian Food for the HK veg Best Restaurant of the Month Award is the always dependable Loving Hut in Wan Chai. Here’s the low down.


Loving Hut is pretty well known in vegetarian circles in a lot of places. The food & beverage policy is not just all vegetarian but also all vegan. It’s been franchised worldwide and is the world’s biggest vegetarian restaurant chain with 100+ branches. The philosophy is simple – provide affordable, tasty, fast food that is healthy for people and the environment and spares animals being involved.

And affordable it is. The set deal as an example is select three from seven dishes along with rice and soup. It’s 50 hkd at lunch time and 58 in the evening. There’s an a la carte menu as well of course that is still affordable to most people in HK. It’s mostly Chinese food but by no means exclusively. They do vegan pizza, laksa and something that is a big attraction to many is their desserts. There’s just something quietly re-assuring about being able to quickly zip into Loving Hut knowing it’s easy to get dependable, affordable 100% vegan eats.

Christine Kwok is Joint Manager of Loving Hut in Wan Chai. Here’s her explanation of Loving Hut in HK.

“20 years ago I was in a vegetarian restaurant and read a book there on vegetarianism. I became vegetarian overnight. I was lacto vegetarian for a long time, I consumed milk. Then I became aware of Loving Hut and the vegan message Loving Hut promotes of more loving kindness to our health, to animals and to planet Earth. I realised the animal suffering in the dairy industry so became vegan. So I’ve been vegetarian for 20 years with seven of those years as a vegan. I opened a branch with my business partner of the time, Michael. This was in Tai Po in the New Territories.”

“Mr Chen from Taiwan is a lifelong vegetarian. He went vegan and was asked to manage a branch of Loving Hut at 256 Hennessy Road near the petrol station 100 metres from the current branch. It was a big, ground floor restaurant. This ran for about three years.”

“Michael and I operated the restaurant in Tai Po for about two and a half years. Then we went into collaboration with Mr Chen. The branches in Tai Po and on Hennessy Road closed and we opened up the branch at 99 Wan Chai Road together. It’s only about 100 metres from the previous location on Hennessy Road. It’s over four years since the move.”

“There’s another Loving Hut in Hong Kong over in Kowloon Bay. It opened around 2007. It’s managed by Ms Wong.”

If you spin along to the Wan Chai branch on a Sunday there’s a little background music. Christine gets out the acoustic guitar and sings and strums. I’ve put it to her in the past about her laying down some serious  rock n roll wastage to blast Loving Hut off of Christine just smiles and calmly shakes her head. “It’s not rock n roll,” she says, “It’s oldies”.

At time of writing this restaurant is of course listed in the 5 minute vegan Hong Kong guide.

Loving Hut (3)

(Entrance is the doorway on the bottom right of this pic. Loving Hut is on the 2nd floor)

  • Loving Hut
  • 2/F, 93 – 99 Wan Chai Road
  • Nearest MTR, Wan Chai exit A3 (then turn left and walk for 5 mins to the junction of Johnston and Wan Chai Roads)
  • +852 2574 3248



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