Kung Tak Lam – latest discussion re non vego booze

Following the previous post re Kung Tak Lam… Hopefully the email below is self explanatory on the latest discussion with Kung Tak Lam in trying to progress the non vegetarian booze issue there.


From: Stevie
Thursday 10:44 AM
To: Ada Choy

Hi Ada,

Thanks for taking the call from the two of us on Monday (22 Aug 2016). It is much appreciated. Just to document my notes from that conversation:-

* You commented that wine has now been completely de-stocked from Kung Tak Lam

* Then after we suggested that we visit a branch of Kung Tak Lam to ask what wine was available you remarked that wine in Kung Tak Lam is available but it has been verified as vegetarian

* We asked which brands of verified vegetarian wine these are to which you remarked you didn’t have that info immediately available

Agreed actions:

1) Ada – ascertain the brands of wine now on sale in Kung Tak Lam and send an update back to us

Just to add to this please Ada could you advise please when you expect to have that info to send across?

To be transparent to our readers I will post this email on the hkveg website so anyone interested is aware of the latest position.

Thanks again for your help.

Keep well,

A further update will be added when details are available.


One thought on “Kung Tak Lam – latest discussion re non vego booze

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