Ng Fong Vegetarian take away near Tai Koo MTR

Tales of a new all vegetarian place near Tai Koo MTR have been circulating for a little while. Once again thanks to an alert reader giving some useful info to help find it, the story can be brought to you here.

Ng Fong Vegetarian (7)

Ng Fong (translates to ‘Five Square’) Vegetarian is a Hong Kong style take away place on King’s Road. The team working there today said they opened in June this year. It’s very easy to find if coming out of Tai Koo MTR exit B. Their choice of location looks like a smart move. In the HK vegetarian map there’s been a gap for a while between Kam Heung Vegetarian in Quarry Bay across to Golden Vegetarian in Sai Wan Ho. Thus the Ng Fong location at ground floor on the main road and so close to Tai Koo MTR seems a decent choice. Time will tell of course re the wisdom of that choice of location. Pricing in these kind of places suits those looking for good bang for their buck.

Anyone who goes there and thinks it looks like a similar set up to places like the Tin Tin vegetarian chain dotted across HK, you’re not the only person thinking that. It’s take away only selling dumplings, radish cake, bean curd sheet rolls, noodles, gluten based mock meats, tarot shaped like fish, desserts etc… the kind of things anyone would likely expect who has seen such a place elsewhere in HK.

The server was asked today (with some help from the vegan passport), what she had that was vegan. The server was helpful although clearly not used to being asked that question. She thus:-

  • spun up her mobile phone to ring her business partner
  • then gave an update that everything they sell is vegetarian but not all products are vegan

So if you go to eat there and you are vegan or for example on any kind of egg free diet, ask staff when there what they stock that suits your diet. At present they don’t have a contact phone number they are giving out.

Ng Fong (5)

  • Ng Fong Vegetarian
  • G/F, Bo Fung Gardens, 1090-1094 King’s Rd
  • Nearest MTR – Tai Koo exit B (then turn left and walk approx 100 metres along King’s Road)





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