Beauty And Juice – still not all vegan

On Tuesday we took a query from an alert reader asking this question, “Why isn’t Beauty And Juice listed on your 5 minute vegan Hong Kong guide?” That is an excellent question. And here is the very simple answer.

Beauty and Juice shop front

(Pic by Jennifer Lai)

Beauty and Juice have a retail outlet in each of Causeway Bay and Kwun Tong. In the latter part of July 2016 assorted message were flying around social media indicating they were embracing veganism. So in response it seemed a good idea to see what we could easily find out about them to see how vegan exactly they are. The first impressions weren’t encouraging:-

  1. On facebook they had a photograph posted on 20 July of food including boiled egg looking like the centre piece of the dish
  2. On their website under “products” the first item they have listed is this:-

Beauty and Juice screenshot

So the likelihood seemed to be already from the picture of the egg and honey listed as a juice ingredient… defo not 100% vegan. So on 28 July with the wonders of electronic communications the people behind Beauty and Juice were asked about these two points. Here’s the prompt same day responses we received (copied and pasted including the kind of minor typo that anyone can make including me):-

  • beauty and juice aims at providing juices and light food for vegetarians at the very beginning. And we have invited the raw food teacher to provide raw food menu starting last Saturday, and begin to promotw vegan ideas to our customers. The food menu in shop is now all vegan, but for the juices, since we still have some loyal customers have ordered the juice with honey, we need time to communicate with them, and around mid aug, our food and beverage menu will be all vegan. Sorry for the misunderstanding caused.
  • Sorry for the misunderstanding of photos, they are just stock photos but we overlook it. They are deleted

At the time it was requested of them that they give us a ping when they were indeed all vegan. As explained to them this is so they can enjoy free promo benefits. That includes being added to the afore mentioned 5 minute vegan Hong Kong guide

So with Monday 15th seeming reasonable like a reasonable time to suggest as the “mid aug” they mentioned previously, they were sent this message:-

Hi again,

I hope you are well. If I may politely ask please; is there an update on your honey usage? Is this now over or still in progress?

Any info is much appreciated.


The above enquiry was sent via facebook messenger that reports the message was seen at their end on Tuesday. No reply has yet been received to that query. Thus the assumption is that Beauty and Juice are still not currently all vegan. When we receive an update to the contrary it will be a pleasure to publish a further update.

To the alert reader who sent in this and other queries; please come them coming. Your contributions are always good and are much appreciated.



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