Anything But Salads – now also a cafe

The Anything But Salads team have been on the Hong Kong food scene for a while. They started off as a snack provider growing the business by wholesaling to retailers in HK. They are based out of premises in Sheung Wan that previously served as a shop and take away. Now after re-furb that location has been re-packaged as a cafe.


In the cosy indoor space is capacity of 11 seats. When the weather allows there’s room for a further nine sittings outdoor. There’s always been a significant vegan element to the menu in Anything But Salads (ABS). That was even before despite the name of their business, they introduced salad to their menu due to popular demand.


(Delon Tuan is the whirl of energy on the right of the pics above)

Delon Tuan is the creative vortex in the ABS kitchen. Delon advises the non vegan elements on the menu are steadily disappearing. The honey is gone meaning the only non vegan item they stock is dairy butter in their bullet proof coffee. It seemed odd that they are so close to being all vegan that they insist on retaining the dairy butter for the coffee. Delon replied this is because:-

  • ABS were among the first outfits to bring bullet proof coffee to HK
  • ABS have regulars who have ask for the butter in the bullet proof coffee in preference to cocoa butter




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