Benzhen – more all vegan dining in Causeway Bay

A new comer to the all vegan dining scene in Hong Kong is Benzhen Vegetarian. They are located on the 25th floor of the Circle Tower in Causeway Bay. That may sound a familiar address to keen observers of the wider vegetarian restaurant scene in HK. Here’s the story…

2016-08-11 20.33.19

Previously at this address was a popular vegetarian Buddhist restaurant named Queen of the East. There has been addition to the investment team and going by the changes being made it seems likely a major investor that has been added. The restaurant has been re-branded as of June 2016. The most significant updates in the re-branding are the:-

  •  change of the restaurant name to Benzhen Vegetarian
  •  change of the menu to be all vegan

While there’s a new Manager on the restaurant floor the Buddhist philosophy is very much still there. Its good food, indeed very enjoyable. Since this establishment is all vegan it gets added to the five minute vegan Hong Kong guide.


11 thoughts on “Benzhen – more all vegan dining in Causeway Bay

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  2. Loved the dim sum at queen of the east! Unfortunately they stopped havening it a couple of months before their rename… I took friends and family there just to find out their dim sum chef left.

    Hope the new food is not as expensive as was my last lunch there.


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