Mighty Vegetarian – now also open in North Point

Many people with be familiar with the Buddhist vegetarian Chinese food chain in HK that is Mighty Vegetarian. They are well established with a branch in each of Tuen Mun and Yuen Long. On Monday this week they opened the third branch of their estate.

Mighty Vegetarian (3)

Mighty seem a fairly typical setup for a lacto ovo vegetarian restaurant in HK. Something unexpected and quite re-assuring here was listening to my co-diner explain in Cantonese our dietary requests. The waitress early on interrupted and confidently said, “Ah, vegan”. I am told this was from the conversation in Canto having progressed little further than, ‘We avoid eating honey.’ Decide for yourself of course; personally though when restaurant staff proactively give such an assured indication that they understand what vegan means, this seems an encouraging sign.

Mighty Vegetarian (1)

One possible hazard was the menu having icons to indicate dishes contain egg. There’s restaurants around where the egg icons are stuck on the menu without rigourously including all the dishes that do indeed include egg. For example when the mock meat is manufactured with egg as a binding agent. Such mislabeling is a risk not only to those who philosophically elect to omit eggs from their diet. It is an outright health risk to people with egg allergy or intolerance. We thus asked some questions when in Mighty to check them out. In response the person in charge said labeling accurately dishes containing egg is something he is aware of and takes seriously. Some of the mock meats they make themselves. In the mock meats they buy in he says they check the ingredients.

The food tasted last night was enjoyable; mixed vegetables in Portuguese sauce, fried tofu with chilli and some Chinese style green vegetables. Very nice indeed. Note that the waitress said she’d speak to the kitchen staff to ensure these dishes were vegan for us. If veganism is a concern for you then it may be prudent you ask a server to do the same. There was some English spoken by staff (far more than my still sub abysmal Cantonese). If you need a hand ordering vegan food in your non native tongue, get the vegan passport phone app.

Mighty Vegetarian (5)

  • G/F, Block A, Wai Cheung Industrial Centre, 5 Shek Pai Tau Road, Tuen Mun
  • Nearest LRT – Shek Pai
  • +852 2463 4888
  • No facebook page dedicated to the Tuen Mun branch


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