Ohm – new all vegan cafe at Hollywood Road

At the bottom of Pound Lane near the corner of Possession Street… Hollywood Road now has its first all vegan cafe. The vegan owner has a background working in fair trade. Ohm has been opened with the electrifying ambitions of being all three of vegan, organic and fair trade.

2016-08-07 20.30.52

They are still on soft opening this week. There’s a fairly extensive menu of teas and coffees with a few other non alcoholic beverages. The booze license is expected in September for those who want to sink a beer. There’s a counter with a couple of cakes on display to choose from as soon as you walk in the front door. A small savoury food menu is being cranked into gear. At the moment on there is a pasta dish and a couple of noodle dishes. This is expected to be added to.

One minor scare was seeing honey mentioned on the menu. On enquiring though this a vegan, non-bee derived ‘honey alternative’ (I’ve heard it all now). Similarly the booze will be all vegan and free from animal derived processing aids. So the people running Ohm seem to be the real deal.

As a new welcome to the HK all vegan scene, Ohm has been added to the 5 minute vegan HK guide.

  • Ohm
  • Shop A, 192 Hollywood Road
  • MTR – Sai Ying Pun exit A1 or Sheung Wan A2 (approx same distance to both, SYP A1 is much simpler navigation to Ohm than Sheung Wan)
  • +852 6352 0553
  • https://www.facebook.com/ohmhk2016

3 thoughts on “Ohm – new all vegan cafe at Hollywood Road

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