Reply from Eric Kayser bakery

As mentioned in the second posting made re Eric Kayser we sent come questions to them re labeling of ingredients in each product. We were given prompt replies to our questions by Cristophe Vrignaud. Mr Vrignaud is the Chief Operation Officer for Eric Kayser here in HK. This is what he had to say.

Eric Kayser Wan Chai

Conscious that the questions were being asked from the perspective of vegan friendliness Mr Vrignaud kindly shared the following very relevant info:-

  • All our bread have a small amount of natural leaven (fermented water, flour and honey),  honey is coming from an animal so it’s not compatible with vegan diet. Eric Kayser made his name with the liquid leaven and so all the breads are made with it.

Here are the specific questions asked of him along with the answers:-

1) Are breads without animal ingredients mixed in the same mixers as your products that contain any animal ingredients (e.g. milk, butter, eggs)? YES

2) if the answer to question 1) is ‘yes’ could you advise if the mixers, bowls etc are cleaned between each change of mix? YES WE DO CLEAN THEM

3) Do you use some sort of sticky wash to stick seeds on bread? WE USE ONLY WATER, EGG  OR MILK IS USED ONLY FOR THE DANISH PASTRIES AND BRIOCHE.

4) if the answer to 3) is yes, is the sticky wash made with any sort of animal derived ingredient (e.g. milk, butter, egg)?

No answer was required to question four based on the answer provided to question 3.

The key point is the the very transparent info provided at the beginning – until further notice the breads in Eric Kayser aren’t vegan friendly. There seems little likelihood of that changing.

It was then thus suggested to Mr Vrignaud:-

“Where you list leaven as an ingredient, include info in brackets that state what the components are of the leaven? Or alternatively instead of listing leaven as ingredient, list the ingredients as ‘water, flour, honey’ (since that is what you say below are the ingredients of your leaven).

This suggestion seems to have been taken in the intended constructive tone as this was the reply:-

  • I agree with you about the labeling, and will be working on it.

Briefly I would like to commend Mr Vrignaud for the clarity of his replies. Some of the people we send questions seem to think that rambling on with lengthy, irrelevant PR baloney is an excuse not to answer the questions asked. So far there is certainly no such accusation directed at Mr Vrignaud.


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