Eric Kayser – update to previous post

In response to yesterday’s original posting of the Eric Kayser article we had a reply from Bronson Arter bringing very interesting industry experience to light.

Eric Kayser Wan Chai

“Having worked in a bakery for 4 years; the breads without animal products were mixed in the same mixers as the ones with egg/milk/butter.”

“I don’t think they would be completely cleaning out the bowl between each mix as it takes a lot of time. So unfortunately I wouldn’t think any of their bread is vegan. Also I notice they use some type of sticky wash to stick the seeds on the bread – we used to use milk and egg mix – they don’t have the ingredients from the wash they use on their signs. I hope I’m wrong with my assumptions!”

Bronson’s comments will be sent to the Eric Kayser customer services using the contact form on their website. This is to allow them an opportunity to respond. As well as links to both these articles the message will ask them:-

1) Are breads without animal ingredients mixed in the same mixers as your products

that contain any animal ingredients (e.g. milk, butter, eggs)?

2) if the answer to question 1) is ‘yes’ could you advise if the mixers, bowls etc are cleaned between each change of mix?

3) Do you use some sort of sticky wash to stick seeds on bread?

4) if the answer to 3) is yes, is the sticky wash made with any sort of animal derived ingredient (e.g. milk, butter, egg)?


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