Eric Kayser – some credit where credit is due

There will be no misrepresenting Eric Kayser bakery as a vegan or any other sort of vegetarian utopia on this website. However they have responded constructively to some feedback sent their way. The story goes like this…

Eric Kayser sign

Several months ago on accompanying someone into their shop on Caine Road it was interesting hearing the staff when asked what in their stock is vegan friendly. Then shortly after this and being in their branch in Wan Chai, just to hear the response the same question was asked again. Worryingly the staff in the different shops gave two completely different answers on which products are and aren’t vegan. Thus each of the two of us individually took this up with their customer services team.

This is how they appear to have responded. A few weeks ago the person living near the Caine Road branch was in touch re the labeling used in that shop. Rather than just a name being on the label for each product, Eric Kayser have introduced what appears to be fully itemised ingredient labeling. From a recent visit into their Wan Chai branch this indeed appears to be the case.

As mentioned Eric Kayser is by no means any sort of all vegetarian retailer (vegan or otherwise). This step in the right direction on their part though is welcomed.

Some parts of the world are fortunate enough to have all vegan bakeries. There’s tons in North America and Europe. In Asia there’s at least a couple in Taiwan:-

Fresh Bakery Taipei

(Pic sourced from Fresh Bakery & Cafe Taipei facebook page)

* Fresh Bakery & Cafe Taipei – No prizes for guessing which city this establishment is located in. Opened 2013 in the Nangang district

* Green Bakery – Established 2015 in the Songshan area also in Taipei

Green Bakery cheese cake
(Pic sourced from Fresh Bakery & Cafe Taipei facebook page)

Despite being so far away, Veganerie in Bangkok are reputed in Hong Kong. Veganerie are going strong and are now up to three branches in Bangkok.

2015-10-18 12.08.26 (2)

And of course there is also one in Hong Kong at Kowloon Bay. Loving Hut Natural Healthy Market N Bakery do all their own baking and insist they use only vegan ingredients. They also sell other vegan products from frozen foods to cleaning products to pet food. The location is immediately adjoined to their branch of Loving Hut restaurant in Amoy Plaza.

Loving Hut bakery 1

Loving Hut bakery 2


4 thoughts on “Eric Kayser – some credit where credit is due

    • Levain has no ingredients in their shop when I was last there. I had a long and fruitful email dialogue with them last year though. They checked with their suppliers and even confirmed the alcohol used in soaking some of the dried fruits etc.

      They made a pretty excessive list of all their products and whether they are vegan friendly or not. They told me they would hand them to shop personal, but this unfortunately never happened. Maybe Stevie would be so kind and put it here if I send it via email?
      If not: Just email them! They are very helpful, friendly people who can send you the list they compiled I’m sure.

      Disclaimer: No affiliation whatsoever, except that I love their bread! πŸ˜‰ The best in the city and even better than most of the stuff you can find in Germany (and Germans eat tons of bread!)


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