Best Restaurant of the Month award – Green Fresh

Succeeding Maya Cafe to be awarded Best Restaurant of the Month for June; Proving you don’t have to go into downtown HK to enjoy all vegan dining, the winner is Green Fresh Vegan Restaurant.


Helen Lau at Green Fresh told us:-

“It has been my dream to open a vegan restaurant.  While there are vegetarian restaurants in Hong Kong, very few of them are vegan! As a vegan, it has often been difficult finding places to eat.”

In recent years there have been numerous reports of tainted food.  The way profit driven agricultural factory operations treats animals is horrific.  From these together with environmental changes and news of friends and relatives contracting cancers and diabetes, the idea of opening a vegan restaurant was thus conceived.  Our aspiration is the vegan restaurant serves as a platform to provide healthy and tasty food, to promote veganism and veganism’s health benefits.”

“為了要開設純素餐廳,我花了兩年時間去學習素食料理,化了半年時間及去純素餐廳打工。之後我找了幾位有共同理念的合作伙伴,開設了這間純素餐廳。寶田源力國際有限公司 Green Fresh International Co., Limited 成立於2014年11月14日。”
“I spent two years learning vegan cooking and then half a year working in a vegan restaurant.  Then joined by several friends with common goals, we opened the restaurant. Green Fresh International Co. Limited was founded on 14 Nov 2014.”

“We provide western cuisines with international twists to cater for a wide base of customers.  All ingredients are carefully selected that are good for health.  Salad greens, coconut oil and soy milk we use are all organic.  For seasoning we use low sodium salt from Taiwan, natural fruit flavourings and raw sugars.  All mock meat used is US FDA approved sourced from Taiwan and is non GMO.  Furthermore we use filtered water for cooking.  Fruits and vegetables are ensured free of pesticides and chemicals by cleansing in ozone after washing.”

“我們會用心製作, 不斷創新款式和口味, 和會陸續推出專為糖尿病人或其他病患者而設的特別餐單, 讓他們感受到(吃出健康),和純素養生的飲食文化! 但願更多人加入純素行列,減少動物受苦,祝願人人健康快樂!世界早日和平!”
“All our food is made with heart.  We continuously create new dishes including diabetic friendly ones so diabetics can also enjoy the taste and health benefits of vegan food.  We hope more people join veganism leading to less suffering for animals, good health and peace for all!”

Among the many great points Helen makes; Everything vegan is vegetarian but not everything vegetarian is vegan. Green Fresh are pioneers in bringing all vegan dining to the New Territories. And at affordable prices. As for people in the world perpetuating a myth that it is not possible to make terrific vegan desserts… Green Fresh is another place to emphatically rubbish the nonsense of that myth. Green fresh is added to our guide of the all vegan restaurants in HK.

Green Fresh shop front

  • Green Fresh Vegan Restaurant
  • Shop 9, G/F, Po Shing Mansion, 77-89 Tai Ho Rd, Tsuen Wan
  • Nearest MTR / rail – Tsuen Wan exit A, Tsuen Wan West exit B
  • +852 2622 2817
  • Open 7 days from lunch through til dinner

Thanks Patrick Lion for most of the photography in this article.



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