Vegan Earth Watch Short Film Contest

We have been asked to post the following notice and are delighted to do so. Anyone for example able to publicise this within schools / colleges etc, it is much appreciated. Those interested in entering, please respond to the contact details listed within the notice itself.

Vegan Earth Watch

2016 HK Vegfest



Ten Years after the United Nations issued The Long Shadow of Agriculture and advocated a plant-based diet to dampen climate change:

  • the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by agriculture, forestry and fisheries may continue to rise by another 30% by 2050[1];

  • those adverse effects caused by the industry’s excessive demand for energy, water, and land, plus the air and water pollution so churned out are becoming apparent and drastic;

  • the animal-based food consumption is still the root of many health problems;

  • animal farms are getting bigger and slaughtering machines — faster, the well beings of the animals and the workers in there are further sacrificed;

  • seafood has its share of carbon footprint, apart from that the ocean’s ecosystem is collapsing.

The local scene? Hong Kong’s meat consumption per capita topped the world, and our seafood consumption is 3 times the world average. This harsh reality brought a dozen groups and individuals together and orchestrated the Hong Kong Vegfest for the last three years to advocate a plant-based diet. This year, the main event will be held on October 10, 2016 at Adventist College, Clear Water Bay.


Vegan Earth Watch Short Film Competition is part of HK Vegfest’s collaborative efforts. Inaugurated last year, it seeks to encourage participants to closely examine the connections between food choices, the well being of the earth and the multitude, then use short films as a medium of expression and for instigating social change.

Area of Concentration

To further explore the justice and environmental issues embedded in our food choices:

  • dig into the problem with meat consumption and ideologies behind;

  • reveal with is hidden inside eggs, dairy and other animal-based products;

  • get to know the ocean and the denizen of waters, in particular, the ocean’s ties with humans activities — Hong Kong has placed a permanent trawling moratorium on its waters, while some of our neighbours captured slaves and exploited their immigrant workers to sustain their fishing industries, as Canada sets to send GMO salmon 6 times its natural size to the market. In the mean time, we now know that sting rays could recognize their own reflections, and an octopus just performed a great escape.


Secondary Level Group: Form 4-6 students

Tertiary Level Group: All students in tertiary education including Yi Jin.

Open group: Individuals age 18 or above


Both individual and group entries will be accepted. Just upload your work to youtube as unlisted, then send the youtube link together with a synopsis not more than 100 words, together with your contact information and name(s) to .

Eligibility and requirement

• Length: 2 minutes to 10 minutes
• Resolution: avi, mov, mpeg or mp4 file of 1280x720p or above
• Form : Documentary, drama, animation, computer graphics are all welcome. Authentic and artistic expressions are encouraged.

Entries must be original and have never been published. They must observe intellectual property rights.

A panel will review and score the submissions, and its decision shall be final. Part or whole of a submitted work may be modified, translated, edited, used, copied and showed by the organizer for publicity, educational and other charitable causes.


Participants are required to submit their films and synopses on or before September 25, 2016.

Result announcement and awards

The result will be announced at the 4th Hong Kong Vegfest. There will be a screening session for the award-winning short film that day.

  • In each of the three groups, there will be one winner and a runner-up.
  • Each participant will receive a Vegfest organic cotton T-shirt and the for winning teams, award certificates and trophies.




Facebook: Vegan Earth Watch


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