Reply from Eric Kayser bakery

[Update: On occasionally checking since this post was originally published, Eric Kayser have not added to the additional labelling mentioned below. Questions sent to Eric Kayser re this subject by email have not been answered by them]

As mentioned in the second posting made re Eric Kayser we sent come questions to them re labeling of ingredients in each product. We were given prompt replies to our questions by Cristophe Vrignaud. Mr Vrignaud is the Chief Operation Officer for Eric Kayser here in HK. This is what he had to say.

Eric Kayser Wan Chai

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The Tramline Liquor Co – knowledge on vego booze

Subsequent to the previously published article on the animal derived pitfalls of booze for vegans and other vegetarians (click highlighted text to open link); we became engaged in an interesting dialogue with Adam Brough. Adam is employed professionally in the alcoholic beverage industry. Adam works at The Tramline Liquor Co. They are knowledgeable on which of their products are suitable for veg*ans. If they are unsure of the veg*an suitability of a particular product they are happy to chase down more info. Adam says:-

Tramline shop sign cropped

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Lock Cha re-opens

[Edit 2017- Lock Cha is no longer all vegan. Customers on non-dairy diets should always ask.]

Some welcome news from the Admiralty area is the re-opening of Lock Cha Tea House in Hong Kong Park. As well as tea they have all vegan dim sum. They had been closed for a number of months for renovation. Initially they hoped to re-open in May. After some delays they re-opened the doors to customers once again on 16 July.

L (1)

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Eric Kayser – some credit where credit is due

[Update – it transpires the labelling mentioned below isn’t as clear as it could be. e.g. the leven used in their products is made with honey]

There will be no misrepresenting Eric Kayser bakery as a vegan or any other sort of vegetarian utopia on this website. However they have responded constructively to some feedback sent their way. The story goes like this…

Eric Kayser sign
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Worst Restaurant of the Month – June 2016

In response to someone asking re the Worst Restaurant of the Month award for June; there is no formal award for June. There were 2 restaurants for whom we were awaiting answers to some questions we asked. Depending on the answers received (or not received) that could have drawn one of those into consideration. Thus without a fresh award being made here is an update with the responses of the three previous winners of the award.

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