HappyCow – not an ice cream brand

Part of the volunteering we at HK veg help out with is for the online worldwide veg*an directory, HappyCow. In the numerous places where we have tried to explain HappyCow to people, Hong Kong is the place where there is most commonly confusion. That is because of a HK vegan ice cream brand also called happycow. The two entities are completely unaffiliated. So to try to remove that confusion:-

happycow.com desktop

* Name – HappyCow (no space between ‘happy’ and ‘cow’)
* Established 1999
* Founded by Eric Brent from Los Angeles and his Taiwanese wife, Diana
* Business – not for profit worldwide directory of veg*an restaurants, shops and other veg*an related businesses
* Voted the world’s favourite English language website by readers of Vegnews nine years running


* Name – Happy Cow (notice there’s a space in there this time?)
* Established – 2012
* Founded by Isaac and Lacey Goldstein in HK
* Business – vegan ice cream
* The most popular HK based vegan ice cream company

It’s that simple once you know.



16 thoughts on “HappyCow – not an ice cream brand

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