Mob attack on vegans at the Kiwi Cafe in Georgia – no surprise and a portent of things to come

Vegans being attacked by sausage wielding thugs? Someone’s idea of an off the wall comedy script? Sadly not. The detail of the incident in Tbilisi was all too literal. Attack meant in the sense of provocation and violence. Should this attack be considered anything of a surprise? It’s perhaps surprising there’s been no such attack somewhere been widely reported before. Worryingly, this is unlikely to be the last such targeted violent attack on vegans. They will likely become more widespread and more serious.

Kiwi Cafe 1

Slowly but surely veganism is gaining in coverage and in many places also in popularity. That trend is likely to continue. The internet has provided a media outlet for those looking to transmit messages not in line with those pedalled by the establishment status quo. We’re finally at a time where veganism is edging into the mainstream. The health and environmental benefits of rejecting animal industry translate into attractive economic cost avoidance worth trillions of dollars.

That previous sentence gives a deeper indication of what veganism impacts. Veganism isn’t simply a statement of what people shove down into their stomachs. Veganism influences numerous subjects – food, health, environment, industry. This boils down to politics and the policy area that underpins all of the above – economics. What we are talking about is ultimately a political power struggle with big money at stake. This is even before considering the ethical aspects of veganism. Thus any declaration or comment in favour of veganism is an enormous political and philosophical statement. The world is near overwhelmingly configured to be pro animal industry. For many being vegan takes courage to reject such a pro animal industry establishment. The power struggle of course goes on every second of the day. Animal industry lobbying is relentless with their stooges seeking to directly influence public policy and opinion.

kiwi cafe 2

There have been thousands of stories around the world of attacks and murders of environmental activists. Of course environmentalism and veganism aren’t the same things. Only the most closed minded though could deny an enormous overlap between the two. Both areas generally attract people from the left or progressive liberal side of political thinking. In some areas of the world a person making a declaration of pro environmentalism immediately decreases that person’s safety. As veganism increases in media coverage and impact so too will there increasingly be a backlash from those with conflicting priorities. In areas of the world where conflicting interests get settled with guns or knives, at some point there will be vegan martyrs.

The moral support of HK veg to the courage of the Kiwi Cafe is unequivocal.


3 thoughts on “Mob attack on vegans at the Kiwi Cafe in Georgia – no surprise and a portent of things to come

  1. “Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight.” — Dr. Albert Schweitzer

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”–Mahatma Gandhi

    “There will come a day when such men as myself will view the slaughter of innocent creatures as horrible a crime as the murder of his fellow man – Albert Einstein

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