The Vegan Passport – improved and available as an app

Something that it’s a pleasure to report some positive news on. The Vegan Society have the fifth edition of the Vegan Passport scheduled for publication on 1 July. Even better the new edition is already available as an app.

vegan passport app advert

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HappyCow – not an ice cream brand

Part of the volunteering we at HK veg help out with is for the online worldwide veg*an directory, HappyCow. In the numerous places where we have tried to explain HappyCow to people, Hong Kong is the place where there is most commonly confusion. That is because of a HK vegan ice cream brand also called happycow. The two entities are completely unaffiliated. So to try to remove that confusion:- desktop

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Mob attack on vegans at the Kiwi Cafe in Georgia – no surprise and a portent of things to come

Vegans being attacked by sausage wielding thugs? Someone’s idea of an off the wall comedy script? Sadly not. The detail of the incident in Tbilisi was all too literal. Attack meant in the sense of provocation and violence. Should this attack be considered anything of a surprise? It’s perhaps surprising there’s been no such attack somewhere been widely reported before. Worryingly, this is unlikely to be the last such targeted violent attack on vegans. They will likely become more widespread and more serious.

Kiwi Cafe 1

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