Loving Nature – A fourth spring addition to all vegan Hong Kong eateries

On this website we’ve already featured three new additions this year to Hong Kong’s blossoming list of all vegan food joints:-

* LN Fortunate Coffee in Sai Ying Pun

* Veggle Cafe in Kwun Tong

* Veggie SF in Central

Another addition to this list is Loving Nature in Kwai Hing. There’s the LN Fortunate Coffee logo on display giving away they are affiliated with that particular vegan chain. The ‘LN’ in LN Fortunate Coffee means ‘Loving Nature’. Loving Nature in Kwai Hing started over a year in a format more like a coffee shop. In March this year they moved to new premises. It’s from this moment they launched themselves more like a cafe.


It’s a smaller enterprise than their counterpart in Sai Ying Pun. Loving Nature in Kwai Hing offer a small menu of light dishes and drinks. The verdict from a scouting team of six today is:-

* food is tasty, simple and healthy (the tofu burger was reported as particularly enjoyable. The sweetness in the accompanying bun will divide opinion)

* Staff are helpful and friendly

* prices in the 40 – 50 hkd bracket were reasonable

* wifi seems pretty good

* At time of writing these are defo light dishes. Its not a place for a gut busting feed

Four new HK all vegan places in the space of around a month. Is vegan dining gaining traction in HK?

* Loving Nature

* Flat A, 4/F, Effort Industrial Building, 2 – 8 Kung Yip Street

* Nearest MTR, Kwai Hing exit A

* +852 3628 3782




4 thoughts on “Loving Nature – A fourth spring addition to all vegan Hong Kong eateries

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