Veggie SF converts to all vegan

Veggie SF has been well known in the Hong Kong vego scene since opening in January 2010. The theme is based on that of a 1950s San Francisco diner. This isn’t just the décor and ornamentation. The music played is like the sound track to George Lucas’ classic movie, American Graffiti.

Like Loving Nature, LN Fortunate Coffee and Veggle Cafe, Veggie SF has become a 2016 addition to HK’s list of eateries that are 100% vegan grade vegetarian.  Veggie SF has ditched the dairy and expelled the eggs. Paul who manages Veggie SF on asked why remarked:-

“Older and wiser. Initially we set up mainly on religious reasons. As we’ve learned more it’s now more about animal compassion. Vegan is the way to go.”

The menu certainly has stuff on there you’d expect in an American diner. Burgers, wedges and nuggets among other things. More internationally there’s a bunch of salads, pasta, rice dishes, pho, laksa, gado gado and plenty other stuff. Speaking from experience not just of their soup and burger, their all day cooked brekkie is the maybe best western brekkie in HK.

* Veggie SF

* 10/F Stanley 11, 11 Stanley Street

* Nearest MTR – Central exit D2

* +852 3902 3902





5 thoughts on “Veggie SF converts to all vegan

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