Central HK’s newest all vego eatery & bar opens on Tuesday – welcome Home Eat To Live

The news has officially been announced to the public of the scheduled soft opening of Home Eat To Live this Tuesday. HK veg has been privileged to be given an inside tour today by the restaurant proprietor, Christian Mongendre. First though let’s start with a little background.

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Many people in the HK vego eating scene will already be familiar with Christian. If not familiar with Christian individually then at least familiar with his previous project. Christian was business partner to Bobsy Gaia in opening Mana! in HK back in 2011. Mana! was expanded to three branches by summer 2015. Then near the end of last year Christian moved on from that partnership to work on a project of his own. Home Eat To Live is the fruit of that project.

Two of us were given a tour this evening. The conclusion from both us on that tour is Home Eat To Live is something to be excited about. Roll on Tuesday and the soft opening. Unsurprisingly there’s many great things about Mana! that have been applied to Home Eat To Live. There’s also some other great things about Home Eat To Live to add to that.

Firstly is the space. Home Eat To Live is roomy and spacious spread across two floors. There’s currently still a couple of tradesmen in there finishing having the place immaculate in good time for the soft opening. All the indications though are this is a great space for people to relax. Customers won’t be packed in like sardine city. There’s 100 seats in near 3 000 square feet of space. Take away, no problem. Dining with family or friends, no problem. If you’re looking for a place to hoover into, catch up with some wifi and order food and drink to keep you going, no problem.

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Christian Mongendre

Next is what’s for sale. The food menu is all vego with most of it also all vegan. Indeed the food will be all vegan unless specifically what someone is asking for is clearly a dish with egg and / or cheese. That may also change in future when Home Eat To Live is bedded in and ticking along nicely. If for example at some point a vegan cheese is launched that aces the cheese market then such a cheese may well be adopted in Home Eat To Live. They may also make their own vegan cheese in future. That though is for another day. There’s the energy and excitement of a launch to get through first.

The food that will be sold? Burgers, flat breads, salad bowls, veggie bowls, ferments and pastries. Having had a glimpse of the pastries (but frustratingly not yet a taste), they look great. The actual physical menu itself is still under secret wraps as the opening approaches. The chef is a newcomer to HK brought in from San Francisco. Then there’s the beverages. Juices and smoothies are to be expected with the nature of Home Eat To Live and with Christian’s previous experience. Home Eat To Live offers a booze menu. So there’ll be on offer a whole bunch of healthy food so customers can charge up on forkfuls of vitamins, minerals, anti oxidants and all the rest of it. Anyone interested in a place to use that as an excuse to off set getting blammed out of their brains on booze can rock up and order away. And here’s a rare blessing for a HK resto purporting to be all vegetarian; the management team are actually aware that masses of booze is made with non vego additives like cow / pig gelatin or fish extract. The booze on sale in Home Eat To Live has accordingly been verified as vego as well as being organic.

Again carrying on from Christian’s form at Mana! the wider impact of the enterprise has been taken into consideration. The eco foot print of the food has been thought through with a big drive to source organic food from local farms. That includes their own rooftop farm at Lyndhurst Terrace. There’s a zero food waste policy with left overs being composted. Similarly the packaging is eco friendly and lighting is done via LEDs (LEDs = good enough for the Empire State Building so why not good enough for Home Eat To Live?) As well as this there is a flat screen TV on the first floor wall. At the time of the tour this seemed to be being road tested with a wildlife conservation documentary.

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The vego food scene in Central HK is ferociously competitive. Home Eat To Live is clearly well financed and looks like being very well managed; they are obviously serious about what Home Eat To Live intends to bring to the table. This venture is likely to shake up the healthy eating scene in this part of Hong Kong.

Look forward to a further update as soon as we’ve had the chance to sink our teeth into the food.

* Home Eat To Live
* G01 & 101, Nexxus Building, 77 Des Voeux Road Central
* Nearest MTRs: Hong Kong exit C, Central exit B
* +852 2777 4777
* www.homerestauranthk.com


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