Best Restaurant of the Month Award – CS Vegan

Succeeding Pure Veggie House the April 2016 Best Restaurant of the Month Award goes to the wonderful people at CS Vegan.


CS Vegan is run by modest, respectful and compassionate people who have a great consideration for others. CS Vegan is run as a not for profit initiative. The incredible value prices are intended only to cover the costs of:-

* rent

* food ingredients

* additional staff if they have to bring someone in to help cover

The food is deliberately priced to be as inclusively affordable to as many people in HK as possible.

2016-03-07 20.05.52

They are helped by an empathetic landlord who offers a discount on the rent. They were originally located from June 2009 on King’s Road in the converted State Theatre building. The former theatre is between Fortress Hill and North Point MTRs. The tiny hole in the wall sub space taken by CS Vegan though was limited to shoe-horning in a dozen people. They relocated to their current premises near Tin Hau MTR in the second half of 2015. The new venue has a balcony that allows a total capacity of 38 people.

2016-03-07 21.02.49

The predominantly Hong Kong style food is all vegan, wholesome and tasty. This is a Buddhist establishment so there is no use of garlic, leek, onion, shallot nor spring onion. It’s a serve yourself, all you can eat buffet. The eye popping prices for this fill up feast are HK’s best for a buffet. 2016 prices are 55 bucks for lunch and 68 hkd dinner (liable to annual increase).

2016-03-07 21.01.48

CS Vegan also provide some charitable meals for senior aged citizens.

All this is done quietly, without fuss and for no other motivation than trying to make the world a better place. That ladies and gentlemen is humility at its finest.

CS Vegan is on the HK veg 5 minute vegan Hong Kong guide.

CS Vegan

  • CS Vegan
  • 1/F, Potek House, 9 Tsing Fung St
  • From Tin Hau MTR exit A1 turn left along Kings Rd. Then take 3rd street on left (directly under the flyover). Inside doorway number 9, press the big buzzer for access past the metal gate. CS Vegan is then on the first floor
  • +852 6680 9391





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