Best Restaurant of the Month award – Pure Veggie House

It is a pleasure to announce the inaugural winner of the HK veg Best Restaurant of the Month. The March 2016 winner is Pure Veggie House.



Established Nov 2007. Pure Veggie House in their praise of nature and harmony provide delicious all vegan Chinese food. Fresh and healthy ingredients are sourced from their own Kang Zhi Yuan Ecological Farm. No MSG is used nor garlic, leek, onion, shallot nor spring onion. The Buddhas among the décor belies their spiritual belief. The other décor of the restaurant has a simple and unpretentious gracefulness. Their menu is contemporary and creative. They are a popular venue for dim sum, hot pot, banquet, a la carte or afternoon tea. They score well on aesthetic presentation of each dish.


One online review rates Pure Veggie House at position 18 of the world’s top 25 vegetarian restaurants. The suggestion that a reviewer has eaten in all of the world’s vegetarian restaurants seems far fetched. The mention though of Pure Veggie House in there is still an indication that this restaurant is held in high esteem.


One thing to watch out for. As any Hong Konger will say, this town gets humid many months of the year. Many months, very humid indeed. From the nearest MTR station (Admiralty) it’s an uphill walk of 15 mins or so to towards the peak to get to Pure Veggie House. If it isn’t the cooler months of the year and you don’t want to arrive there streaming sweat, take a cab (30 hkd) or the 12A bus from Tamar Street.

PV (3)

* Pure Veggie House

* 3/F, Coda Plaza, 51 Garden Road, Midlevels

* Nearest MTR – Admiralty. From Tamar Street bus terminus (Admiralty MTR exit B), bus 12A runs towards MacDonnell Road. The 2nd stop is the YWCA. From the YWCA it’s 50 metres down hill to Coda Plaza



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